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Crokinole Imperium

Crokinole Imperium

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Crokinole Imperium brings three brand new experiences to the classic game of crokinole, by introducing new rules that are combined with rich Medieval-Latin lore.

You and your opponent will represent warring kingdoms and battle on your Crokinole board until there is one victor in a 10 point match!

Each of the three games can be combined with the others, or played individually.


Your card case includes 3 sets of water proof game cards and an instruction sheet. Each set has 20 possible scenarios. Take a peek at what these additions bring to the game...

Sub Rosa: Meaning “under the rose”, is a Latin phrase that has been used in the medieval ages to denote secrecy or confidentiality. Each player receives a card for the round to be kept secret while they attempt to complete the task with the pieces in play.

Will your secret plans be enough to tip the scales in your favor? Upon completing your mission, you'll receive 1 point at the end of the round. Additionally, the winner of the round is awarded 1 point or 1 point each in the event of a tie.

Free Lances: A term that came to be during the medieval ages, refers to mercenaries whose lance was free of any lord’s service. Each player receives a card giving them a unique ability to be used for the round and help fortify their victory.

When the moment is applicable, you may choose to use your Free Lances card by revealing it and resolving its described effect. This can help secure victory in the round, awarding the winner 2 points or 1 point each in the event of a tie.

Terra Nova: A Latin phrase meaning “New Land” leads to challenging terrain and proves to be a new obstacle to overcome or possibly use to your advantage.

One card is drawn for the round to effect the board play for all players - adding an additional rule to the round that all kingdoms must follow. The winner of the round is awarded 2 points and ties are each awarded 1 each.

To see more of how these cards are played, watch our tutorial here.
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