• Where do you ship?
    We are located in the United States and ship within the US and Canada, with free shipping on domestic orders of $39 or more.
    When shipping to Canada please note there are different carrier options for your convenience but UPS does charge you additional brokerage fees for importing on your behalf.
    If you are located outside of these regions, you can find most of our items on Etsy for international shipping.
  • What is the difference between the boards?
    ​ All boards are made to tournament specifications and feature real wood, however the finish and coloration differs.

    >The Drake & Dame are our Melamine Resin Laminate boards, featuring a metal rail as your most affordable option. Upgrade them to The Dragon & Lady for a wooden rail. *These designs will return in the summer with an upgrade!*

    >The Duke is more durable being finished with resin and encompassed by a metal rail. Upgrade this option to The Earl or The Marquess for a classic wooden rail.

    >We also have unique creations of resin boards that are one of a kind. If you see an artistic board and like it, get it before it is gone.

    >Lastly, our Queen and Phoenix boards are the traditional lacquered style of board.
    We additionally import Tracey Boards from Canada, which are also lacquered.
  • How many colors of discs do I need to play?
    ​ While you will want two styles, you can choose even more, depending on the style of game you want to play and how many choices you want your players to have! Games can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players and it is common for 4 player games to be conducted in teams, hence only needing 2 styles of discs. If you want to play individual 4 player, you will need for styles of discs.
  • How should I store my board?
    While we offer the best storage case around, you might want to keep the board out on a table to always be played, or use a wall hanger.
    When in the storage case, it can also be hung, laid flat or stood straight up against a wall.

    In typical home conditions any of these methods will be fine for long term. However, keep your board away from vents where the temperature can fluctuate, in high humidity areas and out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

    If you travel with your board, be sure not to keep it in a vehicle for these reasons as well.

  • How do I care for my board?
    Just like anything, you'll want to keep it clean so it performs well for years to come.
    See our suggestions in 'Caring for Your Board'
  • How do I claim my custom crystal 'easy out' centerpiece?
    If you didn't provide an image at purchase, or purchased our board on a different website, Register your board here and upload the image you'd like made on your center easy-out. While we make your custom centerpiece, you can get started playing with the included clear centerpiece located in the lower right pocket of your carrying bag.

  • Do you offer customization?
    Certain products are available for customization on the product pages. If you are looking for a custom board, simply fill out our form.
  • Where are your products manufactured?
    We use sources from around the world for parts and materials and create boards here, in the US. Tracey boards are made by Jeremy Tracey in Canada and imported, bundled with our BrownCastle accessories. Our game designers are located in the US and Canada and we are always happy to connect with more individuals in the game community.

  • What should you do if you notice damage to your board when it's delivered?
    ​ ​Contact us directly so we can personally take care of the issue for you. Support@BrownCastleGames.com
  • What is your return policy?
    Products returned in a new or unused condition, in original packaging, will receive a refund for the price paid, minus shipping costs.  Products returned by customers in a used or damaged condition may be subject to a price adjustment based on the value of any item returned for refund to reflect its current market price at BrownCastle's discretion. This does not apply to returns of defective products, if you received the wrong product, or products damaged during shipment.