Introducing - Crokinole Imperium

There is a totally new way to play Crokinole for gaming fans that enjoy a challenge!

Crokinole Imperium brings three brand new experiences to the classic game of crokinole, by introducing new rules that are combined with rich Medieval-Latin lore.

You'll be able to change the terrain of the board, have special abilities and more.

Check out how the three games are played below and even combine them for the ultimate challenge.

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Can I play all three sets together?
Yes! In the instructions you will find specifics for scoring when playing all three games of Crokinole Imperium together.


Do I have to draw a new card with each round?
In Sub Rosa and Free Lances, you have the choice to continue with an unused card or discard it and re-draw. However, if you have fulfilled the card objective, it must be discarded and a new card drawn on the next round.
A new Terra Nova card will be drawn with the start of each round, and discarded at the end of each round.

Do regular Crokinole rules still matter?
Valid and invalid shots are the same as with Crokinole. However, some cards may effect the general rules and would apply only when those cards are in play.

Winners of the rounds are determined based on the accumulation of point values at the end of the round as with Crokinole. Points awarded are then determined based on the  game instructions with each of the 3 play types.


How many cards are in the game?
Each of the 3 categories has 20 cards for a total of 60.


Can I purchase the 3 card sets separately?
No. Sub Rosa, Free Lances and Terra Nova are packaged together to enjoy.


Will there be expansion packs?
We have worked hard to create these game scenarios but are sure to have more ideas in the future.  If you have an idea for a card, you are welcome to submit it below for consideration in future prints.

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