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Crokinole Gliss Powder, Shuffleboard Wax

Crokinole Gliss Powder, Shuffleboard Wax

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Made in the USA, shuffleboard powders can be used to change the speed and play of your board.

Extra Speed:
Use fast wax powder or ultra fast silicon powder to let your discs glide and slide.  While this powder isn't necessary to your play, many sportsmen prefer it and we recommend getting both to use together if you choose to.

  • Fast Wax (yellow) will be sprinkled in your gutter and your discs lightly rubbed over the wax powder before shooting.
  • Ultra Fast Silicon (white) will be sprinkled on the board surface. It should not be rubbed or given top down pressure but will help your discs roll and glide on the board by providing an air pocket between your discs and the surface.


Glass Shaker: Easily sprinkle and store your powder for a hundred games. With the 3oz glass shaker, you can easily keep it in your bag pocket and always refill later on with our refill bags.

We pre-wax BrownCastle boards so they are ready to play on arrival without extras but adding powder can change up your game!
*Note this is not a maintenance item and will not wax your board.

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