Maintaining Your Crokinole Board

So maybe you are looking to speed up your board or you just want to maintain the health of your board over the long term. Either way we can help you out!
First, let's keep the surface of the board clean.

There will be a small build-up of oil, dust, and dirt accumulating on the playing surface over time and the best way to handle that is with a damp microfiber or cotton cloth. Even a clean pair of old holey socks will do. See, we all knew you kept those for a good reason after all!

Speed-Up the Playing Surface

Beyond cloth and water, these are the products we are currently recommending.
First is a newer product by Turtle Wax called Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax. This graphene spray is great without using anything else and by far makes your board the fastest. It is what we pre-wax with before shipping any BrownCastle board and what we most commonly use before playing because it is so fast and easy to apply. You can also use the microfiber after to give your discs a little rub and ultra glide! If you don't mind using extra arm muscle, pick it up in the paste form for even better results.

You don't need to polish your board with every game but we do recommend it on a regular basis depending on the amount of play time your board is seeing. Good rule of thumb, if you notice the discs not gliding as smooth, give the board a buff. If you notice the discs getting 'stuck', you likely have residue wax that just needs wiped off.

With any of the products, just follow the instructions detailed on the product for use. If you notice some hazy areas after polishing, continue gently buffing the area until it clears up.

Gliss Powder or Shuffleboard Wax

While it isn't necessary for play (and Megan finds it rather messy), many players do enjoy using this extra accessory - especially if you are used to tournament play. We offer bottles of gliss powder from a reputable manufacturer in an easy to use shaker bottle that stores right in your Padded Carry Case.

For the wax version (yellow), just sprinkle it in your gutter and gently rub your discs over it before shooting to create a light waxing to the discs. If using the silicon version (white), apply to the surface of your board to create an air pocket and rolling barrier between the disc and board. In both instances, instruct players to not apply above-down pressure on their discs because this can potentially cause scratches to form on the surface of your board due to their minor abrasive qualities.
Using a shuffleboard powder won't clean up or wax your board but if you have trouble getting discs to glide, the added component will change your flicking affect. Shuffleboard Gliss Powder

Get New Discs

Your discs are going to see a lot of play and over time they will show some wear- unless you go with our resin designs. Our glazed discs do offer an extra protective coating to help maintain color in the long rung. However, there is no paint that will last forever. So when the time comes, retire your veteran discs and pick up a new set. Alternatively, if you are a little crafty get some paint and touch them up with a new coat. Be wary of applying some waxes or polishes directly to discs that may interact with paint.


Store your board in the carrying bag which can lay flat, be hung, or sit upright against a wall. This will keep extra dust off, pesky finger prints, wear from natural sun and of course the occasional oops when something slips from the hand. The outer pockets will allow you to keep your crokinole accessories all in one place. If you are traveling with the board, be sure not to leave it in extreme heat or extreme cold for long periods of time-like the trunk of a vehicle.
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