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Translucent 20 Holder Tube Set for Crokinole Rail

Translucent 20 Holder Tube Set for Crokinole Rail

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Enjoy a set of 2 cylinder holders for your crokinole rail to track 20 point shots.  Each holds 8 discs and is made for multiple tournament size board types.

  • 2mm: only for the 2022 limited edition 'armored' line
  • 7mm: BrownCastle Drake, Dame, Duke, Dragon, Lord, Lady, King, Queen and Phoenix
  • 8mm: Earl, Unique Resin Designs, Marquess, Tracey Boards and most other brands

DISPLAY your amazing shots for everyone to see with the Lucite tubes that sit perfectly on the rail, or table if flipped.

CONVENIENCE of sliding smoothly right along the rail with a flick, your holders are never in the way of game play. Slide your opponents discs back to them around the gutter and right underneath the tube. 

TWO FOR ANY GAME to use with 2, 3 or 4 player games or set out just one and easily slide to an opponent.

*Please measure your rail width and refer to the graphic for determining size if you have anything other than a BrownCastle board mentioned above.

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