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Disc of the Month Club- Join the Waitlist!

Disc of the Month Club- Join the Waitlist!

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Club members receive an exclusive surprise set of resin discs with a case each month at a greatly reduced price.

Who is this for?
This is a great option to acquire more styles of resin discs at a discount for yourself or as gifts for family and friends.
Crokinole clubs also enjoy the Disc of the Month club to have a growing supply to use at events or to share with their members.

What are the different subscriptions?
If you play with someone that also has a membership, you can get the opposite set.
Order both subscriptions if you would like to receive two coordinating designed sets of resin discs each month.

Do I pay for shipping?
Shipping is free for your discs in the monthly membership.

Will my membership fee ever increase?
Your monthly payment will be locked in at the same amount for as long as your membership remains active. *If you cancel your membership and rejoin at a later time, the monthly membership fee may be higher. 

Each membership is billed initially at the time of purchase and shipped the first week of the following month. Memberships can be canceled at any time. No coupons are applicable.

More about your discs....

TOURNAMENT SIZE, 1 1/4" x 3/8" epoxy resin discs, packed 13 to a case. With a heavier weight than traditional wooden discs, you'll notice a different sound and force when playing - similar to the 'clack' of billiard balls.

CONVENIENT STORAGE because no one likes using plastic bags to hold their discs. Our hard shell zipper case protects and keeps all of your discs at the ready!

COLOR THAT LASTS unlike paint that eventually wears over time. Your discs will always feature their unique beauty.

*you'll want to play resin against resin due to the weight difference from wooden discs.

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