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Padded Crokinole Board Carry Case - Octagon Size

Padded Crokinole Board Carry Case - Octagon Size

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The BrownCastle Crokinole Bag, isn't like any other on the market.  Other bags are more of a dust cover or duffel bag, so we made something to truly protect your board and hold absolutely everything you need to play.

PROTECTION with a structured bag featuring 1/2 inch foam padding, reinforced stitching and rubber feet on the edges and back to make storage and transportation easy.

CONVENIENCE of a durable carry case that holds all you need to make your match easy and fun.  With 4 zippered pockets and a document compartment, you'll store your discs, score keepers, 20 holders, wax and more all in one spot!

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION for easy carrying by the padded shoulder strap or 3 hand holds.

VERSATILE to use with any standard, tournament size, Crokinole board that features an octagon rail.  *Note this is 33 inches from furthest point to point (30.5 inches cross width) by 1.75 tall.

Have a traditional round rail? Check out our smaller carry case for a snug fit.  *currently sold out.

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