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Le Plateau

Le Plateau

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Face Card Tokens
An original game for 2-6 players, created by Raymond Gallardo.

Choose your game size and face card tokens used for the game set.

  • Travel size game boards measure 6 x 5" with 1/2" tokens.  All pieces store inside the magnetic frame.

  • Large game boards measure 12 x 11" with 1 1/4" tokens. Trick taking tokens (colors vary) and metal peg are stored in a velvet bag.

Players try to connect at least two board sides with their team's counters. However, to place a counter on the board, they must win tricks whose cards correspond to the board's spaces—the more valuable the card, the better positioned the space.

Before play starts, players bid how many board sides they can connect with possible help from a partner or additional cards.  The 37 double sided trick taking tokens are  then used to signify if the trick was won or lost.

You'll need a 78-card Tarot deck and paper to track scores.

View the full instructions here.

*If you would like face token colors other than standard shown, please note in checkout.

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