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JamSumo is two dexterity games in one for 2 to 6 players, created by Gavin Birnbaum.

This fast paced dice flicking game will have you shooting to be the first player out (Jam) and to be the last man standing (Sumo)!

The unique multi-function and modular maple wood board, allows you to move and change the layout of your playing platforms for 2 to 6 players, then store all of your pieces inside!


Try to be the first player to flick all your dice through the hole in of center of the board!

You'll use the Jam platform to flick one at a time, going clockwise.  Be careful not to leave your dice in the playing field or an opponent might knock it off the board with their turn! Then it will have to re-start on the platform!

First player out wins the round and players tally the face value of their dice to score. Everyone gets a chance to be first player and at the end of all rounds the lowest total wins!          


Now you'll aim to stay on the board while knocking your opponents out!

Start your pieces in front of your Jam platform, behind the Sumo line. Going clockwise, take turns flicking one of your dice, to strike an opponents'! You'll want to keep as many of your pieces on as you can.  If you fail to strike the opponent, it falls off the board, goes through the hole, or ends on on the Jam Platform, it is out for the round!

The round ends with the first player out of dice.  Players tally the face value of their in play dice and continue rounds with everyone being the first player once. At the end of all rounds take your total Sumo points, minus Jam points and the highest total wins!

* Your board comes with all you need to play, including 5 dice each for up to 6 players. Measures 12" wide x 2.5" tall and features a magnetic closure, keeping all of your pieces inside.
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