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Custom Easy Out Crystal Center

Custom Easy Out Crystal Center

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A unique feature of BrownCastle boards is the glass easy out center in the 20 hole.

EFFORTLESS removal of your amazing shots with a domed glass piece, so your disc can be removed from any angle.

UNIQUE AS YOU ARE when you customize your center with an image or engraving of your choice! Just attach at the time of checkout with the proper selection of type to be made.
  • Clear- Plain glass easy out with no personalization.
  • Engraved- Etched glass for a logo or monogram.
  • Photo Print- More detailed images such as art or photos.

CHANGEABLE to customize differently with each opponent or time of year.   Drop in when you start your game or secure in the center with super glue.

*Note, all BrownCastle boards come with one custom easy out included.*
**Does not work with other brands, including Tracey Boards**
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