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Crokinole Turntable, 30" Lazy Susan

Crokinole Turntable, 30" Lazy Susan

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This heavy duty metal turntable was created specifically for Crokinole boards.
Perfect for playing in areas that don't easily fit players around a table, playing against yourself, or for those with limited mobility.

STURDY so it will not tip in play, unlike traditional 'Lazy Susans'. The inner spinning ring is made to sit perfectly along the edge of your Crokinole board at 29.5 inches, while the outer ring sits firmly on the surface.

NON-SLIP double rubber feet offer a 1 inch clearance from the table.  This means even boards with heavy duty rubber feet can be used on the turntable.

SMOOTH turns with ball bearings give it just the right amount of movement when you want it.

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