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Crokinole Tournament Score Pad

Crokinole Tournament Score Pad

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Whether you are having your own friendly tournament or heading to an event, keep track of your wins with a tournament score pad.

50 SCORING SHEETS in a 5x7 pad and is backed with a 150lb card stock board back.  Each sheet includes 10 games to keep track of points and 20s.

PEN AND PAPER Score cards are black and white and include a soft touch pen for scoring.

Tournament Rules of Use:
Players mark their opponent's points after each round- 0 for loss, 1 for tie and 2 for win.  Additionally count and mark the number of 20’s after each round.
After four rounds (a game) have been played, opponents will total each other’s scores, record their ID number and initial. At the close of tabulation the scorecard is given back to the owner to verify and continue on to the next game.

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