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Crokinole Pegs, Fancy Alternative/Replacement

Crokinole Pegs, Fancy Alternative/Replacement

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These premium pegs screw right into your board and offer a sophisticated look with stainless or brass finished tops.

A great alternative look to standard screw pegs or...
  • If you are building your own board
  • Upgrade a brand with wooden pegs
  • Would like a unique gift for your Crokinole enthusiast

Each set comes with screws, toppers, black rubber and a protective wooden ring to keep your board safe when installing.

Note: Screws are 9/64  x 1 inch. Please check that your playing surface is 1/2 inch thick to prevent the screws from sticking out the bottom of the board.  If you are changing screw in pegs from another brand (including Tracey), you will need extra fill in the hole.
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