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Crokinole Cards

Crokinole Cards

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Brought to you by Colter Hahn, Crokinole Cards is a 10 minute, 2 in 1 game featuring Crokinole Solitaire and Crokinole Elimination Playing Cards.  Be sure to practice your 20 shots before starting!

Crokinole Elimination allows you to play singles or a 2 vs 2 game in a shooting free for all.

Disc cards are dealt to each player/team to place your and your opponents pieces on the board in a specific area to then be eliminated. 

Last player standing wins!

Crokinole Solitaire allows you to improve your skills with practice scenarios in a solo game.

Choose your difficulty level with the number of discs you are given to shoot each round.

If you neither win nor lose, you'll use the provided die to draw the specified amount of cards, either adding discs to the board or providing additional difficulties for the next round.

Can you 'Shut the Door' before you become overwhelmed by your opponent?

With either game you'll practice, improve and have a blast doing it!  In depth instructions are included offering further game variants and tips.
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