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Carry Case for Crokinole Discs

Carry Case for Crokinole Discs

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CONVENIENT STORAGE because no one likes using reseal-able plastic bags that break and make it hard to put your pieces away or drawstrings that don't stay tied.

EASY USE to perfectly hold 13 tournament discs (buttons, pucks, stones or whatever your favorite term is) in the hard shell zipper closure. Plus, the color coordinated zipper makes it easy to choose your players’ color, always knowing what is inside!

Choose from: Black, White, Grey, Teal, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green and Purple and Red.

*Note, this is ONLY the case for discs. We understand many players already have discs from years past, so this option is for storage only.* To view our discs already packaged in their color coordinating case click here.
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