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Bottle Cap Resin Crokinole Discs, Color Mix

Bottle Cap Resin Crokinole Discs, Color Mix

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These resin discs have real bottle caps inset!  With a variety of brands per set, have a battle of the colors.
*Each of these colored sets will have varying cap designs. We recommend you play resin bottle caps against each other due to slight weight difference from other disc types. When you purchase any 2,  you'll receive an automatic $5 discount!

SPECIAL Crokinole Discs handmade with epoxy resin and bottle caps.

TOURNAMENT SIZE, 1 1/4" x 3/8" discs, packed 13 to a case with a full set of blue and red. With a heavier weight than traditional wooden discs, you'll notice a different sound and force when playing - similar to the 'clack' of billiard balls.

CONVENIENT STORAGE because no one likes using reseal-able plastic bags that break and make it hard to put your pieces away. Our included hard shell zipper case keeps all of your discs at the ready!

COLOR THAT LASTS unlike paint that eventually wears over time. Your discs will always feature their unique beauty and glossy shine.

Check out our other bottle cap discs for a full set of single brands to choose from.


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