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Billiards Discs

Billiards Discs

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Use this fun disc set with your Crokinole board and cue stick(s) for a fun gaming twist!

Customizing discs opens a world of possibilities and we have play tested classic eight ball pool using the board for 'eight disc crokinole'.

For a limited time enjoy this disc set for a whole new family fun activity!


PREMIUM QUALITY Tournament Size Crokinole Discs made of solid wood and customized like billiard balls. Solids and stripes from 1-15 with a white cue disc.

MAKE IT A BUNDLE with an included 17" hardwood cue stick for the real cross over of the game or for those with limited finger dexterity.

ENJOY A NEW GAME by arranging the fourteen billiard discs around the 15 point ring and pegs, with the eight ball centered to break with your cue disc. 

Use the white disc (cue disc) and a cue stick break and shoot your discs into the gutter.  Unlike Crokinole rules, landing on the shooting line does not count as off of the board and the 20 hole is considered the same as the gutter.

For each shot, you will move your cue disc to the shooting line of the quadrant it is currently in.

If you scratch or the eight ball is hit into the gutter during the game, the normal billiard rules apply.

Watch our video for a closer look at 'Eight Disc Crokinole'

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