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Wipe-Clean, Reusable Car Games, Classic Set

Wipe-Clean, Reusable Car Games, Classic Set

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SMALL & FUN no need to pack a lot for your travel, these 4x6 acrylic games supply all the fun for any trip with little packing space taken and can be kept on the shelf for a rainy day activity.

ALL THE CLASSICS to have family fun for everyone! Pick from Dots & Boxes, Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, I Spy and a two-in-one License Plate and Automobile Color Game.

REUSABLE with a wipe-clean marker to have fun games at the ready, any time. Simply wipe clean with a cloth, or your hand as most kids do! Unlike other car games made of paper, cardboard or plastic, these are heavy duty to wear and tear.  Two non-toxic markers come with your assorted storage bag for everything in one place.

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