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The Sterling Dragon Board Bundle

The Sterling Dragon Board Bundle

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Enjoy 15% savings with a pre-built basic bundle and any additions you'd like to add!

Included with each board:

  • Premium padded carrying case with shoulder strap
  • 26 tournament size crokinole discs with zipper cases. Your choice of two colors with the option to add even more.
  • One custom centerpiece - printed or engraved.
  • 4 oz glass shaker jar of granular shuffle board wax
  • Two clear acrylic 20 holders

More About Your Purchase:

Durable Finish: Our white oak plywood tournament size playing surface is topped and sealed with a red melamine resin laminate that is polished for fast and consistent play.

Moisture Protection: The playing surface is professionally edge-banded for protection against moisture and erosion. You will have an heirloom BrownCastle board for future generations to enjoy.

Strength & Stability: โ€‹The playing surface is made with premium 1/2" veneer plywood framed in a silver painted metal rail for an elegant and durable design.

Premium Hardware: Three heavy duty rubber feet ensure that the board will not wiggle or rotate during gameplay. Plus, our metal topped rubber pegs give the board extra beauty.

More Fun In Less Time: Each board comes pre-waxed! This game is simple to learn and quick to get out and play.

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