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The Dragon Board

The Dragon Board

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This is a board without accessories, you'll build your game with discs and any other accessories you'd like.

Save time and money with our pre-built board bundle.

More About Your Purchase:

Professional Design: Our dimensions meet the official NCA standards for professional tournament play around the world. The round design allows your shots to stay in the ring and easily be passed to adjacent players.
Finished board: 30.5" diameter x 1.5" height
Playing surface: 26" diameter x 1/2" height
Base: 30" diameter x 1/2" height
Ditch: 2" wide
Rail: 1/4" thick x 1.5" height

Durable Finish:
Our white oak plywood is topped and sealed with a red melamine resin laminate that is polished for fast and consistent play.

Moisture Protection: The playing surface is professionally edge-banded for protection against moisture and erosion. You will have an heirloom BrownCastle board for future generations to enjoy.

Strength & Stability: ​The playing surface and base are both made with premium 1/2" veneer plywood framed in a 1/4" hardwood rail for an elegant and durable design. Plus, the deeper ditch means gutter shots won't interfere with game play!

Non-Skid Feet: On the finished bottom of the board so your opponents can't wiggle or rotate. 

More Fun In Less Time: Each board comes pre-waxed! This game is simple to learn and quick to get out and play.

Enhance Your Game With BrownCastle Games Accessories:

CONVENIENCE of a durable carry case for all you need to make your match easy and fun.  Our case is more structured, and reinforced to make storage and transportation to events easy. Carry by the padded shoulder strap or hand holds and keep all accessories in the zippered pockets.

CUSTOM EASY OUTS with an image or engraving of your choice.  The domed glass piece make it easier to remove those shots and place in the rail side acrylic holders to tally up points at the end of the round and the customization makes the board truly yours.

VIBRANT PLAYER PIECES  We believe you should enjoy your game with colors you love. Pick and choose your premium glazed disc sets, packed in a hard shell zipper case for easy clean up and storing with your board.

SET OF 20 HOLDERS to sit on the rail showing off your accomplishments of every award winning shot and make tallying the score easy.

SCORE KEEPERS of wood or paper for the most heated of game nights and family tournaments.

BONUS FUN with cue sticks, wax powder and more to test your skills or possibly make it easier to play!

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