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The Dame

The Dame

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Looking for a cost effective, quality board? You've found it!

Our melamine finished surface, encompassed by a metal rail is your best option for savings.

This is only a board without accessories. You can add game pieces and accessories to your board or save by building a board bundle!

More About Your Purchase:

Professional Design: Our dimensions meet the official NCA standards for professional tournament play around the world. The round design allows your shots to stay in the ring and easily be passed to adjacent players.
Finished board: 30.5" diameter x 1.25" height
Playing surface: 26" diameter x 1/2" height
Base: 30" diameter 
Ditch: 2" wide
Rail: 4/36" thick x 1.25" height

Durable Finish: Our white oak veneer plywood is sealed with a blonde melamine resin laminate that is polished for fast and consistent play and finished with professional edge-banding for protection against moisture and erosion.

Strength & Stability: ​The playing surface is made with premium 1/2" veneer plywood and framed with a black metal rail featuring heavy duty rubber feet on the base.

Unique Features: With our thicker playing surface, your discs in the gutter won't interfere with out-of-play shots. Plus, we've created beautiful pegs you won't find elsewhere. The reflex post, topped with brass caps accentuate your board, giving it extra beauty.

Signature Detail: Our exclusive easy-out crystal centerpieces make retrieving 20 shots even easier. Additionally, these centerpieces feature your custom artwork - printed or engraved - and can changed to accommodate any occasion.

More Fun In Less Time: Each board comes pre-waxed! This game is simple to learn and quick to play. Check out the 5 minute 'How To Play' on our home page.

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