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Queen of Day Board Bundle

Queen of Day Board Bundle

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Enjoy 15% savings with a pre-built basic bundle and any additions you'd like to add!

Included with each board:

  • Premium padded carrying case with shoulder strap
  • 26 tournament size crokinole discs with zipper cases. Your choice of two colors with the option to add even more at a discount.
  • Customized 20 hole crystal easy out
  • 4 oz glass shaker jar of granular shuffle board wax
  • Two clear acrylic 20 holders

More About Your Purchase:

Professional Design: Our dimensions meet the official NCA standards for professional tournament play around the world. The round design allows your shots to stay in the ring and easily be passed to adjacent players.
Finished board: 30.5" diameter x 1.5" height
Playing surface: 26" diameter x 1/2" height
Base: 30" diameter x 1/2" height
Ditch: 2" wide
Rail: 1/4" thick x 1.5" height

Durable Finish:
Our most elegant and durable design yet. The 1/2" lacquered natural white oak surface offers a polished glossy finish for fast and consistent play. Choose your 'Queen' playing surface framed with one of three color options for the hardwood base and rail. Day features a matching golden oak coloring.

Unique Features: With our 1/2" thick play surface, your discs in the gutter won't interfere with out-of-play shots. Our signature beveled easy-out crystal centerpieces make retrieving 20s even easier. Additionally these centerpieces feature your custom artwork - printed or engraved - and changed to accommodate any occasion.

Moisture Protection: The playing surface edge is smoothed and finished, for protection against moisture and erosion. You will have an heirloom BrownCastle board for future generations to enjoy.

More Fun In Less Time: Each board comes pre-waxed and with your two colors of discs, you'll quickly enjoy a two player or 4 player team game. Plus, the rail side 20 holders will help track your great shots at the end of the round.  This game is quick to learn and fun for everyone!

Check out the 5 minute 'How To Play' on our home page.

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