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Misfit Crokinole Board - Lacquered Line

Misfit Crokinole Board - Lacquered Line

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Misfit boards are ones that contain some type of flaw.
These flaws include, but are not limited to minor: scratches, imperfect finish or discoloration. We do not sell items in which a flaw would effect play. All misfits will result in an exciting game.

Items labeled “misfit” are of limited quantity and availability.

This is only a board, no accessories are included. Add your accessories on this page to build your bundle and save.

The very best for tournament level play.

Durable Finish: Our most elegant and durable design yet. The stained and lacquered natural white oak surface offers a polished glossy finish for fast and consistent play.

Strength & Stability: ​The playing surface is made with premium 1/2" and framed in a 1/4" hardwood rail for an elegant and durable design. Foam non-skid feet on the bottom keep the board in place during play. Plus, the deeper ditch means gutter shots won't interfere with game play!

Moisture Protection: The playing surface edge is smoothed and finished, for protection against moisture and erosion. You will have an heirloom BrownCastle board for future generations to enjoy.

Unique Features:  Our signature beveled easy-out crystal centerpieces make retrieving 20s even easier. Additionally these centerpieces feature your custom artwork - printed or engraved - and changed to accommodate any occasion.

More Fun In Less Time: Each board comes pre-waxed! This game is simple to learn and quick to play. Check out the 5 minute 'How To Play' on our home page.

Build Your Game With  BrownCastle Games Accessories

DISCS (PLAYER PIECES)  You'll need at least 2 colors which will allow a 2 or 4 player team game.

for all you need to make your match easy and fun.  Our case is more structured, and reinforced to make storage and transportation to events easy. Carry by the padded shoulder strap or hand holds and keep all accessories in the zippered pockets.

SET OF 20 HOLDERS to sit on the rail showing off your accomplishments of every award winning shot and make tallying the score easy.

SCORE KEEPERS to track the winner in the most heated of game nights and family tournaments.

Don't forget about our card game additions, billiards, and resin discs as well! All are additional ways to play on your Crokinole board!


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