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Players: 2-4 | Age: 6+ | Time: 15-30′


Place the crystal centerpiece in the board.

2 player match: Two colors, 12 discs each, sit opposite of your opponent.

3 player match: Three colors, 8 discs each, sit anywhere.

4 player match: Two colors, 6 discs each, sit opposite of your teammate.

Set your discs outside of the playing area. This makes it easier to know
how many shots you have left before the end of the round.
Discs will be knocked off the board. Amazing shots will be made. Champions will be crowned.

How to Play

At the start of your turn, place one of your discs on your shooting line.

If there is no opponent’s disc on the board: Flick your disc into the center of the board. One of your discs involved in the shot must be at least touching the 15 point line or remain inside the 15 point line. If it goes in the 20 hole, remove the disc and set it in a 20-holder to be scored at the end of the round. If you missed, your shooting disc and all other discs that were struck including any 20s should be moved into the ditch. The next player then takes their turn.

If there is an opponent’s disc on the board: Flick your disc at one of your opponent’s discs with the goal of knocking their disc out of play and leaving your disc on the board. If you hit your opponent’s disc, then all of the discs will remain on the board as they are. If you shoot and miss your opponent’s disc, move your disc to the ditch along with any of your other discs that you hit this turn.

Turns proceed clockwise around the board until all players run out of discs. You will then determine who scores points this round by subtracting your points from your opponent’s points. Only one player/team will score points in a round. Any disc touching a score boundary line, counts for the lesser value. You win when you/your team accumulates 100 or more points. The starting player for each round rotates clockwise to the next player.

Any disc touching the outer boundary line or any disc that bounces back into play from hitting the rail is considered out-of-play and should be moved to the ditch before the next player’s turn.

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