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If you would like a discounted board with a cosmetic defect, contact us with your preferred style. We will provide you with some possible options. Availability will vary.

BrownCastle Crokinole Game Set
Each Set Includes...
  • A board of your choice
  • ​Padded carrying bag for your board
  • ​Custom "easy-out" crystal centerpiece
  • ​​Two 20-holders
  • ​26 painted hard maple discs
  • ​Two disc cases
Grab your BrownCastle board before the next game night!

Choose Your BrownCastle Board

The Lord
(temporarily  unavailable)
The Lady
The Knight
The Dragon
  • First Generation Board: This is your opportunity to claim a BrownCastle Founder's Board. These are our first boards available to the public and we are incredibly excited for the opportunity to reveal what we have created.
  • Professional Design: Our dimensions meet the official NCA standards for professional tournament play around the world.
    Finished board: 30.5" diameter x 1.5" height
    Playing surface: 26" diameter x 1/2" height
    Base: 30" diameter x 1/2" height
    Ditch: 2" wide
    Rail: 1/4" thick x 1.5" height
  • Durable Finish: Our white oak veneer plywood is sealed with a melamine resin laminate that is polished for fast and consistent play.
  • Moisture Protection: The playing surface is professionally edge-banded for protection against moisture and erosion. You will have an heirloom BrownCastle board for future generations to enjoy.
  • Strength & Stability: ​The playing surface and base are both made with premium 1/2" veneer plywood framed in a 1/4" hardwood rail for our most elegant and durable design yet.
  • More Fun In Less Time: This game is simple to learn and quick to get out and play.
Learn how to play!

Included Accessories

Carrying Bag

Your board is protected by a premium padded carrying bag. Four zipper pockets provide storage space for game pieces and accessories. A shoulder strap and multiple handles make transport and storage simple. Rubber protectors along the bag's back, bottom and side ensure your bag will endure all your adventures.

Premium Discs

Our discs are made from premium Rock Maple. They measure 1 1/4" diameter x 3/8" thick (3.2cm x 1cm). Your purchase of a board includes two sets of 13 discs. Choose your preferred colors from a selection of black, white, gray, yellow, teal, orange, dark purple, and burgundy... with more to come!

Disc Cases

Each color disc will come with its own color-coordinated carrying case for safe and convenient transportation.


One of the most exciting moments is making a 20. These holders sit on the rail of your board to display your 20's for all to see!

Custom Crystal Centerpiece

We believe every board should be unique. So when you register your board, we will create a custom crystal centerpiece for you free of charge. This is our gift to you for supporting our small family run business.
Watch Shut Up & Sit Down's review of the game!

Why Choose BrownCastle?

BrownCastle Games

  • Hardwood veneer plywood: Grips screws and pegs tightly and will not loosen over time. More durable than MDF. Water-resistant.
  • Professional edge-banding: Seals the edge of the playing surface providing protection from moisture and erosion.
  • 1/2" thick playing surface: At this height, your active discs won't rebound off out-of-play discs residing in the ditch.
  • Circular frame: While more challenging to craft, a circular design allow you to easily pass discs around the ditch at the end of each round.
  • All the accessories you need: We have included all the accessories you need to get started. These are specifically designed for your board and we have more in development!
  • Continued support: We believe in being contactable and answering your calls and emails with a smile. As a BrownCastle patron, you will be treated like family.

Other Companies

  • Medium density fiberboard: Weakens around the pegs/screws over time. Less durable than plywood. Susceptible to moisture and water.
  • No edge-banding: Leaves the edge of the playing surface susceptible to moisture, deformation, and chips.
  • 1/4" thick playing surface: At this height, your active discs rebound off out-of-play discs residing in the ditch and interfere with gameplay.
  • Hexagonal frame: A hexagonal design creates choke points where discs get stuck when trying to pass discs around the ditch at the end of each round.
  • No compatible accessories: Wasted time searching for compatible accessories. Increased shipping costs when ordering accessories from multiple companies.
  • Limited support: No phone support. Unanswered questions. Time consuming interactions. Delayed resolution to any problems that may arise.

Coming Soon!

While planning large in-person events is still an uncertainty at the moment, we are excited to come together for fun and fellowship. We can't wait to invite you to scheduled events and tournaments in the future. Make sure you don't miss out - keep an eye out for emails from BrownCastle!
We also have multiple games being developed that will be playable on your board. So you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and play-test prototypes before the games are available to the public.
Claim The Ultimate Bundle
  • BrownCastle Crokinole Board
($249.97 Value)
  • Premium Carrying Bag
($79.97 Value)
  • Two Sets of 13 Maple Discs with Zipper-Cases
($24.97 Value)
  • Two 20-Holders
($19.97 Value)
  • Custom Crystal "Easy-out" Centerpiece
($9.97 Value)
  • Shipping and Handling
($39.97 Value)
Total Value: $424.82
Today's Offer: $259.97 (Save $164.85)
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